Responsible Investment product
  • 永續責任(EN)
  • Stewardship
  • Responsible Investment product

To promote the Responsible Investment, SinoPac Investment Trust Company has incorporated all sustainability issues in long term investment consideration, such as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), and continue to support the new ESG products development. As of April, 2021, Responsible investment products has been issued including: Overseas Equity Funds, Domestic Equity Funds, and Domestic Equity ETF.

Taiwan ESG Theme Fund

  • Tracking the performance of FTSE Taiwan Target Exposure ESG Index
  • Fully replicating the portfolio of benchmark index
  • The members of benchmark index are selected primarily by each company’s ESG scores
  • Providing quarterly dividends
  • portfolio holdings are selected from the members of FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index
  • Creating portfolio with smart beta strategy
  •  Using high quality and high dividend as stock selection factors
  •  Including yearly dividends class
Green Energy Sector Investment  

  • Tracking the performance of CSI Technology 50 Index
  • Fully replicating the portfolio of benchmark index
  • Focus on the new technology development including green energy, electric vehicle in China
  • Focus on China policy move and key-supporting industries
  • Pursuing alpha by investing in potential growth stocks within the Great China Area
  • Portfolio holdings cover those areas of green energy, environment protection and electric vehicle which will benefit from China’s 14th Five-Year Plan
Note: Green Energy Sector Investment Products are not ESG theme fund, but only refer to invest industry cover the green energy sector.